These wings are spreading across my shoulder blades and they’re full of strength. They’ll save when (if) I fall, so I have no need to give in to this fear nagging at my feet. I have wings!

Are you willing to look like a fool for your dreams? The very thought of it makes me… Itchy, unprepared, but also… Bursting out of my skin with potential.

Ambitious people inspire me. Inspiring, intelligent, loving people.

Loving. How many times I have fallen for life of late; a sunrise, a smile from a stranger, a puppy, a child, a headstand accomplished. I can do, go, love: anything, anywhere, the whole universe with my whole being.

Freedom hangs in the air today, it’s on my shoulders but it’s an upward force. It’s those wings, begging me to fly.

One thought on “Freedom”

  1. Need not fear your feet
    It’s what grounds you
    Let your wings be free
    For they are your strength
    Fly high In the skies
    See all you can see
    Be as free as a bird

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